NHRA Funny Car from 2013

Maybe a few of the LaLD-members know, that I got a photography-tent a few weeks ago, because I would like to take pictures of my diecasts in an easier way and with better light conditions. I am definitely not a professional photographer – I am just having fun with the diecasts and I really like to set them in scene…


Wheel donor 

I am looking for an Aircooled VW beetle as a wheel donor for my McLaren F1. Pricing on the bay is higher then I am willing to pay for a wheel donor. Does anyone have an extra they would be willing to part with? I don’t have anything to trade to I can just pay for it. Thanks for any help.


PSA Message.  

This is a non diecast post: As we learn and cope with the post events that happened over the weekend in Charlottesville. Hate has no place anywhere. And I say this with an open mind and an open heart. The diecast community will not let anyone used their platform to spew hate and put downs on one another. We’re here…