[FRENCH FRIDAY] Pair of Tomica Renaults

To begin contributing some "Diecasts of My Life" posts, I dug my three childhood storage cases from the garage. A 48-spot Matchbox case (full of mid-late-'80's Matchbox), a Hot Wheels Showcase designed to be wall-mounted (full of Tomica aka Tomy Pocket Cars), and a Kenner Fast111's 12-car case that you can open and… » 11/21/14 6:22pm Yesterday 6:22pm

The 1st Annual Wall-D's - The Nominees

For the end of the Hot Wheels model year we've decided to hold our very first Best of the Year Awards. We're naming the awards affectionately after the LaLD mascot, Wall-D. Each Live and Let Diecast Admin picked their favorite new model, treasure hunt, and super treasure hunt which will become the nominees for the… » 11/21/14 5:14pm Yesterday 5:14pm

[Review] M2 1958 Chevy LCF & Impala Limo

A couple of months ago, I posted that I was collecting tractor trailers. Someone pointed out the M2 vintage truck line but they were a tad pricey and generally didn't come with cars that I liked. Looking on their site, I noticed 2 flatbeds that carried old limousines. Those were the must haves for me. I found the 1958… » 11/21/14 11:05am Yesterday 11:05am