Custom in progress....slamburger wagon

So as many saw I recently made a custom HW 55' Gasser and used parts from a Maisto Nomad. I did not want the Nomad to go to waste so I decided to do a crazy drop with it and get it as low as possible. My end goal is for it to roll smooth but damn near catch on a piece of paper haha. Here is what I did last night. » 8/29/14 9:55am Today 9:55am

French Friday!

Well, not sure if it will end up 1st in philipilihpspelledbackwards' poll (I suppose not) but hey: the namegivers of 'my' theme day are a bit wayward anyway so I'll just continu to display my French collection on fridays. And as I'm in Europe I'll probably be one of the first to post on Friday mornings, right? Sorry.… » 8/29/14 3:21am Today 3:21am