WiMT: E Type Edition, The 'Eat-Hype'

OK, Who didn’t see this coming? Another opportunity for an instalment of Will it Monster Truck has presented itself. Once again it wasn’t until some time had passed after separating the base and body did I realise I could try this. So here’s some pictures of this monster mash. I know it’s an English body but Monster… » 7/04/15 9:52pm Yesterday 9:52pm

HAWL: Why I shouldn't be allowed to go out too often edition

Yes, again. So much for saving up for stuff 1:24 and up. It would appear that 2015 Hot Wheels stock is finally starting to appear in more than token amounts. I went Tomica-heavy this time (I can blame the Legacy B4 on Drift Spirits). That’s a Loopster and Cadillac Elmiraj, since the Carrera RS box blocked out their… » 7/04/15 12:26pm Yesterday 12:26pm

Happy Independence Day!!

Here’s some photos of the inaugural ‘American Iron’ car show held on the grounds at ‘Plywood’. Luckily the event could be held indoors as its freezing outside and has been raining on and off all day. That fact, and the fact that fireworks are illegal in my home state here in Australia has forced the cancellation of… » 7/04/15 7:38am Yesterday 7:38am