[Kustom] Klassic Kool Kombi (fail)

Well, at least I lerned a lot on this. Why I think it was a fail? Many reasons. First, the side paint got bubbles and/or dust, so it’s all wrinkled. Second, the overall white painjob isn’t as uniform as I want. Third, the Revell Matt Black enamel cracked on the roof, and finally when I removed the masking tape… » 8/29/15 10:59am Today 10:59am

Weekend? Let's hitch the Airstream and go!

Since Greenlight’s Hitch & Tow series first appeared on T-Hunted, I fell in love with this Airstream. We had some trailer factories in Brazil, but I never saw anything close to an Airstream. Instant want, but it would take months for it to arrive in some shops here, and probably only in the biggest capitals. Down here… » 8/29/15 9:34am Today 9:34am