STARS & STRIPES dressed V8

Finally I found some time to take a few shots of this cool ride of Kyle Busch.  It`s the 2016 Toyota Camry, which Kyle drove at the 600 mile race at Charlotte on May 29th. The colours of the car were chosen in connection with the Memorial day. I really love the colours and the whole paint scheme itself. Hope you enjoy…

A new toy. 

As I’ve mentioned on Oppositelock before, some times I get to take things from jobs, this time it is a light table. I’ll be getting this set up with my light box for some sweet DLM goodness. For now here is a Mustang and a peak into my messy garage that I’ll be straightening soon.

Lost Diecast 

This week’s lost diecast edition is tiny diecast cars called Tootsie Midgetoy Cars. Smallest in scale before Micro Machines came out. Probably the cheapest diecast cars at the time besides Hot Wheels and Matchbox. I remember when K Mart had sold these Tootsie Cars and played it for fun as a kid. If you look…