Teutonic Tuesday: Broken Edition

I can’t do a proper TT tonight as the power is off in our area due to storms. I’m using my phone as a wifi hotspot to post this from my iPad. As there’s no lights it’s hard to take any new pictures, these are recycled from my second day on LaLD back in April. So spring has just started and already just today over 100… »10/06/15 7:20amToday 7:20am

Teutonic Tuesday: Den Deutschen, grauen Camry

It’s a brand that doesn’t always get much love in the European car community: Opel. Not even here on LaLD as I rarely see them. For years their Kadett was one of Europe’s best selling compact car. And they had an image for being good, but certainly not great cars. If you wanted a truly good compact you would get… »10/06/15 6:25amToday 6:25am

Motorsport Monday: Rally Edition!

Part two of two of my second Fastlane Classic Cars hawl! It is a 1999 Ford Focus WRC Presentation by AUTOart. I believe it is from 2005-ish and was originally $120. I got this for $50, before tax (but Missouri tax is low). I’d say that’s a pretty good deal (just check eBay). Obviously the Martini livery would be… »10/05/15 11:02pmYesterday 11:02pm