Weekly PHOTOGRAPHY review!! 

Hello LALDers' and thank you for taking a look at my look back at my favorite shots posted this week! I think this may be one of the best weeks so far as there is such a huge variety of shots from everyone! Everything from a classic British Bond-mobile to exaggerated drag Mustangs. This week has it all! Let's get… » 1/29/15 10:53pm Yesterday 10:53pm

Pretty Pair: Porsche Cayman S

Here are the first two versions of the three Porsche Cayman S that were released in 2007, designed by Phil Riehlman. This is one of my favorite castings, because it looks like Hot Wheels took their time to get the proportions right and actually add tampos all around. They are very small compared to most other Hot… » 1/29/15 1:26pm Yesterday 1:26pm