Here is my most prized model truck of my collection. 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser by Autoart.

If im right, the only way to get this model is if you bought a real Toyota FJ Cruiser. Which was told by the one I purchased it from. Bought it right in the middle of the great recession. Only paid $30 for this handsome Yota. probably worth a good bit now, but too bad its not for sale. :) Have the original box, will try to get pics later.

Enough blah blah, and lets see the pictures :D

I should invest in a glass display case :/

So much detail!

Stupid plastic engine covers. It sorta looks like there is a whole engine in there, unlike some model cars, but Auto Art doesn't cheap out. See the hood detail!

Little battery labels

Light on mirror!

Every door opens wide!

Little hinge :D


Lots of room, not so much for visibility.

I want to get in there!


Even the headliner is detailed.

Not a manual :( Love the gauge pod on the dash.

Neat wheels.

Another Toyota I will show soon :)