So Engineerrrrrrrrr and I ran into a similar problem: we were both able to find 7 of the 8 cars in the Porsche Series. Lucky for us, they were different cars, him the 914-6 and me, the 918 Spyder. So a plan was formed and I picked up the cars he needed and vice-versa. Well today in the mail, I got my cars!

So now the Series is complete and we just need Engineerrrrrrrr to get his in the mail. He’s traveling and so I am guessing his wife popped these in the mail for me so not only a big thank you to Engineerrrrrrrr but a special thank you to her for taking the time to do that!

The gang’s all here with a special guest to celebrate the Le Mans victory.

Whadayamean they’re just a bunch of Volkswagens?!?

Now it's a party!