AHey guys! Finally i got access to my account! I miss posting here at LALD! What’s up? Here’s a 1/24 S13 build for all of you to enjoy!

So there’s an ongoing competetion, called Aoshima Cup 3 here in the Philippines. And there’s two categories. Oob, meaning you just build the model kit with no modifications.. and the other one is Modified. So here is my modified kit.

So i made the kit opening doors using cutter and a hobby knife. And after, i made their hinges aswell.

So the hinges are done at this part. Painted them Aluminum mixed with titanium. And detailed the window trims black. At this part it still lacks it’s engine, interior and other more accessories.

So here’s the under chassis details.

So here i made the seats, trunk and started doing the engine made out of epoxy.

So at these parts, the interior is done with bucket seats, trunk with subwoofer and Nos and an SR20Det

So there it is! I dont have much progress pics. But i guess you understand. Well wish me luck and hope i win! I’ve put alot of effort and sleepless nights on this! I miss you LALD Community!