Unfortunately, I don’t have any Le Mans casts with me right now, but I do have a Schuco 1:66 Ford Capri, which fits well, considering that today is 16/6.

It certainly would’ve been better if I had a French Schuco or Norev Mini Jet, or perhaps a Schuco Porsche 917 to tie into the LeMans theme, but oh well.

Schuco’s original foray into traditional diecast cars was in the 1970s, where they produced a number of mostly German casts in both 1:66 and 1:43 scale. Late in the 1970s, the high cost of production and low sales led them to discontinue both.

As for the Capri, it was originally conceived by Ford of Europe as a Mustang-esque car - a car based on humble saloon mechanicals (Falcon for the Mustang, Cortina for the Capri) with sporty long-hood, short-deck styling. Engines ranged from 1.3L 4-cylinders (inline or vee) to 2.6L and 3.0L V6s.

Schuco’s casting of the Capri is from around the same time of the actual car. Casting detail is amazingly sharp - the body lines are crisp and accurate, the faux vents behind the doors and the grille both have correct texturing, bumpers, bumper overriders, headlights, and tailights are sharp, and the license plate reads 816, the number that this Capri was assigned in the lineup.

The interior features a correct steering wheel, seat texturing, and a pair of extremely thin-back bucket seats.

Underneath, this particular one is marked as a 1700 GT model, with the 1.7L V4 from Ford of Germany. Detail includes the exhaust and drivetrain cast into the base.

This one came from eBay Germany and is in fairly good condition, but it does have a number of paint nicks, and is in desperate need of an alignment - it pulls strongly to the right.

The Capri MkI is a fairly popular casting, with versions made by Schuco, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Märklin, Hongwell (1:72 and 1:43) and Siku, along with Majorette, Schuco, and Matchbox (SuperKings) for the MkII.

More on the Capri can be found on Small Scale Sydney’s post on the Märklin version. More on the extensive Schuco 1:66 lineup can be found at this website, which Small Scale Sydney introduced in his posts.

Thanks for viewing!