Sometimes you forget the origins of your collection. Before I got into collecting HW, my small scale collection was just 6 cars. All from the 1 BADD RIDE line.

Unfortunately, these poor guys have been sitting on a window sill for the better part of 10 years. The UV light has not been good to them.

I’ve always had a soft spot for these slightly cartoonish casts. They’re small enough that the big wheels and body kits still look okay, but the detail level is decent for the scale.

The Viper has a bit of a front fender gap issue.

Kind of a Mustang coupe/Eleanor mash-up

This Firebird Formula is still a favorite, even if it is a little worse for wear.

Pro-touring GTO, pretty cool IMO.

Cobra has probably fared the worst. The windshield is completely opaque.

I’ve been doing some drawings for people over on Oppo too if y’all are interested.

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