I made another journey to the indoor flea baths today, determined to find more good stuff.
When I was there yesterday, I realized I hadn’t brought along my mid day pain pill dosage, which really slowed me down, so I kind of just breezed through, picking up a few cars, but not really being into it.
I went back today, properly medicated, and did much better.
Here are a few of the finds, I’ll spread the rest over the next few days.

A quartet of Lancia Sratoses...? Strati? The middle pair are Summer # 8006, but one left the S off. They’re almost exact copies of each other, just different colors in the #91 livery. The one on the left appears to be a Tomica copycat and it has air beneath the rear wing, on the far right is a cartoonish one, with which I will have some fun. I’ve taken it apart already, one screw did the job, new tires for sure!

I believe this Fiat was produced as Zee Toys was turning into Zylmex, as the base has the Z logo, and the word ZYLL. It’s not a bad little sedan, just needs some detailing and new shoes.

The grille actually says FIAT in there between the lights, but it’s hard to see. I forgot to use a different background, so here’s a close up with the brightness turned way up.

A Pair of Summer cars, BMW 3.0 CSI, #A690, and a Can Am type race car, #S8010. This vendor always seems to have Summers in his bins, and today was no exception. He had several BMW 3.0 CSI race cars, but this was the only one without all the wings and bodywork for the track.

The BMW has the word SUMMER spelled out on the base, the race car has the horse-in-a-pine-tree logo.
Last, for tonight anyway, is a Porsche 911 variant with no maker’s mark or logo on the base, it only says TM 8225.

The rear wing is loose, I had to press it into place for the photo, there’s a number 2 on the hood in dark red, with dark red stripes over the hood and roof. It’s a decent representation of a Porsche 911, which makes me believe it’s a copy of a more reputable brand.
More to come tomorrow, and I promise to spend more time on photos...