This is an extended version of a post I submitted a while back about the 1972 Lancia Fulvia HF 1600 as driven by Sandro Munari and Mario Mannucci when they won the prestigious Rallye Monte Carlo. The 1/43 cast is by IXO and seems to be a decent representation of the winning car. Lancia produced the Fulvia (named after the Roman Road “Via Fulvia” that ran from Tortona to Torino) from 1963 until 1976. The HF 1600 Rallye version drew its 132 hp from a 1,584 cc DOHC engine.

Here’s the car when I first took possession of it - nice and shiny!

Looking through my meager selection of 1/43 drivers, I realized I needed to lop off some heads to match up the period-correct helmets with the drivers in the sitting position:

And I also needed to pry off the skid plate to reach the front screw so I could raise the body to seat the driver and co-driver.

Here’s a look at Sandro Munari:

And my version, using a new macro lens for my iPhone:

And here’s the first round of weathering:

After another round of weathering, here’s a series of shots on the course...

Seems to be a problem on the course.

A pretty cool model!