Another LeMans post leading up to the big day. This one is as the title states, finished 6th overall and second in class according to Wikipedia.

Chassis 911 406 9072 according to the link below only raced a few times. But at LeMans twice.

I haven’t refined my research skills, or as good at story telling and although I’m not 100% happy with my photo skills I am pretty happy with this model. I took some photos during the day yesterday as you can see the shadow directly below the rear spoiler / tail. I got lucky the sun was poking through the trees as it goes down in the evening.  

I’m not Familiar with the model company and only one of the decals is coming off although there seems to be a few extra decals rather than what actually raced. For $20 it was a good enough deal. And the guy who sells it was really close so was like 2 day delivery.

Enough from me, enjoy these photos.

Full sun in the backyard
Sun goes down behind that house and through the trees to right
Next time I’ll tape some paper over the siding
Looking for props around the basement, oh here is a stick of tires, no carousel at Le Sarth but looks good anyway
Light box & table about set up how I want it, needs a better overhead light & 3 of same 4' tubes for table
Hotwheels for comparison.
Seat belts
Racing slicks
Tail lights are actually like a red lense, clear red & amber