So I'm finally making another post that I've wanted to make for a while. This is all of my smaller scale motorcycles. I've always liked motorcycles, but when I was in my late teens it became a really big passion of mine. Now that I'm into collecting diecasts, I like to grab any motorcycles I see, especially the realistic HW's bikes. So here's all of my small bikes.

1:24 - Miasto HD, not sure on the year/model. This is a nicely detailed model, but is a little cheap like most miasto's I've seen, still a good value, I also have a matching 1948 Ford F1 that it came with.

1:18 - Miasto HD Sportster. Another Miasto, pretty good detail, little cheap but it has a working rear suspension.

Miasto Yamaha V-Max, not quite as nice as the other Miasto's, but still not bad.

1:? - HW HD Fatboy with man and dog. I painted just a few things to add small detail, tail lights, blinkers, black fill between the pipes. Still want to paint the front fender to match the rest of the tins.

HW Bike, I know it has a name, but I can't remember it, this is the first bike I had in my collection.

No name Swat Bike. This one is really cheap, all plastic, but neat none the less.

HW Drag bike, Picked this up the other day.

HW Cafe Racer. I customized this one a bit too, tampo delete, black seat, painted headlight and gauges, black fill around then engine. This one came with a rider, but looks better with it off.

HW Ducati 1098. This is a pretty nice model, except all the ones I've seen the back wheel is a bit floppy. I've seen a lot in white, but haven't picked one up, this is the only yellow one I've seen, I had to have it. This one came with a rider as well, but it looks much better with them off.

HW Ducati 1198 Paningale.

HW Dodge Tomahawk. Despite the 4 wheels, I still call it a motorcycle.

HW Flat tracker. I've been looking for this one, was so glad to find it finally. This is one of my favorites, I might try to add a number plate to the front for a bit more detail, I already painted the seat. Still on the search for the dirt bike though, I think it's from an older series.

West Coast Choppers custom chopper. Not sure who made this but it's pretty cool, lots of detail. And it was only $.50 at the flea market!

Another West Coast Choppers bike, $.50 as well, this one I like a bit more than the other chopper.

The next 4 are a HW collectors pack of Harley's and are very well detailed. This one is all die cast with no plastic, and rubber tires. None of the details such as the headlight and blinker were painted on by me, it came this well detailed. I'm seriously impressed with these bikes.

Buell Lightning. Another really well detailed model, I didn't take it off it's base though because it won't stand on it's own. This has a bit more plastic than the others, but the detail is still on par.

1920 Harley racer. This is hands down my favorite model, the detail is excellent.

1948 Harley Panhead with side car. Another full metal model, awesome detail, plus side cars are awesome.

That's all my small models, I'm always on the search for more. I've also got the larger American Chopper bikes, the only one I'm missing is Lucy's bike. Maybe one of these day's I'll dig those out of the tote and get some pictures of those as well.

Thanks for looking! and remember, 2 wheels good!