Let's keep the American pride rolling this weekend with a look at my 1:18 Saleen S7 made by Motor Max. The S7 was the last batshit insane American exotic before the Hennessey Venom and SSC Aero. This was the first Saleen to be developed in-house on its own chassis and one of the last projects Steve Saleen himself worked on before resigning from his own company. The 7.0L Ford 427 V8 engine put out 550 horsepower; rocketing the car to 60mph in only 3.3 seconds. If that's not enough for you, the 2005 and later models came with twin turbos bumping the power to 750; cutting the 0-60 sprints down to 2.8. If THAT still isn't enough for you, you can find one with the competition package which turns the horsepower dial up to 1000. The S7 is truly batshit.

Design And Accuracy: 9/10

This car is incredibly accurate to the full scale S7. I had originally bought an orange Hot Wheels S7, but the proportions were so weird and it dwarfed the other cars in my collection. I promptly returned it and found the Motor Max. Details include calipers on the brake rotors and the radio antenna on the roof. The engine cover is stamped with a "7.0" so you know what's up. It's got the correct number of vents and they are all in the right location. I can't believe that this car is 13 years old already.

Fit And Finish: 4/10

Just because the car looks accurate doesn't necessarily mean it's put together well. The biggest issue I have with the model is it's sloppy paint job. There's lines, defects, and drips that my iPotatographs can really capture. It's like it needed to be wet sanded and polished before it left the body shop. The upper panels of the door are plastic throwing off the paint shine. The doors don't really open all the way and they feel like they might snap off when you lift them.

This picture here really captures why I have a problem with the quality of this model. You can see "production" marks in the headlights and the seam down the front bumper. The front wheels are fully locked to the right; that's as far as they'll go. The silver paint on the front lip has a defect in it. The vents on the top of the fender are neither cut out nor painted, like the brake vents in front of the wheel arches are.

This picture here shows three out of the four side gills painted, and no paint for the lower brake vent.

AND WHAT IS UP WITH THAT INTERIOR COLOR?! Is like baby poo that got on your worst pair of khaki's that may or may not be radioactive.

Features: 7/10

The model does have some details that are not present on my other cars, like the brake calipers. The doors, engine glass, trunk, and frunk all open. The wheels are not suspended and barely turn. The interior, despite its awful color, has painted buttons and switches. That shifter looks kind of like a... ummm... and the hand brake lever.... God this might need a NSFW tag!

Value: 8/10

Shortcomings aside, this model only cost me $25 when I got it about ten years ago. I liked it a lot better than the Hot Wheels S7 I had and that one was more expensive.

Rarity: 4/10

This car isn't rare at all. I quickly found 41 models on eBay ranging from $9 to $35. There are silver cars like mine and also black, red, orange, white, and yellow.

Should you get it?

I was big into super cars growing up so this definitely needed to be in my collection. It's an under appreciated piece though, much like the real car. If quality is your main concern you might want to spring for the more expensive Hot Wheels model. If quantity is your deal than grab one of the $9 eBay specials! After all, this is the car that Jim Carrey's character in Bruce Almighty felt that this was the car that God himself would drive...

Score: 32/50