Hope everyone of you in the United States is enjoying the long weekend!

Apologies for hitting you guys with a Ferrari Friday, it seems appropriate that I showcase an American car this time. I thought of Ford Friday but the news of Mattel and its questionable licensing with Ferrari got me eager to jump on the bandwagon.

And a Ford we have, out from the lot of 11 Hot Wheels Garage cars I got from an incredible deal (for an overseas collector) - the Custom '64 Galaxie 500.

This casting first debuted in the 2007 New Models in the basic line and is still currently being realised in the 2014 basic line, the latest in metallic green with the Black/Yellow/Silver "Crower" Logo. Its designer is the famed Phil Riehlman who also designed the Volkswagen Drag Bus, one the big favourites among collectors.

I have been eyeing on this particular rendition when I first saw it online; that stance with those deep-dish Crager S/S-like wheels, it'll look great in anyone's collection.

I'm very fond of how the designer exercised a good bit of restraint and not go all out with the paint brush for some crazy colour scheme. The two-tone flat black and metal-flake dark red is set off nicely with silver and gold trim on sides and a tiny decal behind each front wheel. I like my diecast cars the same way I like my real cars on the street, it doesn't need to prove anything through its paintjob.

With those front air ducts, it seems this car was modified with the track in mind. But I wonder if those wheels will keep rubbing the fenders. lol

None of that matters, here's another shot showcasing it's low ride height and oversized rear wheels.

These tail lights definitely harken back to the space-age era, each looks like a rocket thrusters propelling the car to speed. With the right exhaust set up, I won't doubt it's going to be loud!

I ran out of things to say, all I could do is focus on the deep dish wheels. The car sits on them perfectly, they are my favourite type of Real Riders from Hot Wheels. You can make me buy just about any car by putting on these beauties.

Ford fans, what do you think of this casting?