GT cars often produce some brilliant road cars, some road cars often produce some brilliant GT cars...and both of these cars often produce awesome diecasts!!

And well, my Nexus has a better camera my old iPhone.

First up, a Porsche Carerra GT! This model is from AutoART...and it’s my most prized diecast.

While not entirely based on a GT car, the Carerra GT has an engine that was originally destined to be in a Porsche LMP car that was eventually scrapped. Porsche had not seen a supercar like this again until the 918!

Our second entry is the Audi R8 GT by Maisto.

The Audi R8 is an interesting entry as this car first started off as a GT car, then came along the roadgoing version. Now in its second generation, the R8 remains a solid Porsche 911 competitor from a company that is owned by Porsche’s parent company.


Our last entry isn’t even diecast, but it is freaking huge! It’s also from RadioShack. The Lamborghini Aventador J!

This car is the topless version of a car with a GT version by the company that is owned by the company that owns Porsche and Audi!!

Bonus round!! A random smart appeared! Minichamps!

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