As you may have seen in Jobjoris’s recent post, I created a custom 356 for him. This car has been shown in many different flavors here, so hopefully you won’t be too tired of them to enjoy this one. It was the anchor of my side of a trade that started when I found he had a few extra Renault Alpine A110's on hand.

The dials are set in a body-color dash surround, surmounted by rich brown leather. The steering wheel is also brown leather, as are the seats.

This is the first time I’ve used my dremel on a custom. I just ground down some of the casting lines where I could to smooth it out after stripping the paint. The chassis had to be adjusted a little bit to accommodate the new wheels, and I ended up spacing out the wheels on the axles with small rubber tubing. I wanted the wheels to stay pushed out instead of sliding around. Because of this it’s not really a roller.

What a great shape! Here you can see a bit of the panel gap shading I did. It doesn’t appear this dark in person.
I, for one, like the louvres on back, so I just shaded them to add dimension.
I really like the brown leather with the blue body. The blue dash works really well too.

I think I may like this car better than the tan one I made for myself. Thankfully, I made a second blue one while working on this one for Jobjoris! It’s not exactly the same, and I made a mistake while painting the Pegasus on the side of mine. Still, It’ll be nice to have once I finish it.

There’s that Pegasus! These are hand-painted, as are all the details. No decals on this car
And here’s the other one. They’re pretty well-matched, but I like the driver’s side better. :-)
Hoodstraps and headlights.
What a great car to take up to the overlook to watch the sunset!
This beauty can even handle a smooth off-road jaunt!
Gotta get that sunset shot for instagram while we’re up here!

I’m really happy with the glassy-smooth finish this car has. The details are all sealed in by a gorgeous clear coat. In my opinion, this is the best custom I’ve created yet. The color choices, details, and finish are exactly what I wanted. I’d love to see one like it in 1:1!

Gauges, gauges, and more gauges.