First off, it's a Ferrari collection in one box. Vintage racers, a hyper car on crack, a GT, and the legendary marque's future direction. These cars are tough to find individually, but here they all are, gift wrapped.

Second, look at them. Seriously, there isn't a bad paint job in the bunch. No stupid flames, over the top race liveries, or off colors. More than half of the Ferrari's have light tampos.

Third, this 512M has a detailed engine bay. The newer castings just don't have this level of detail.

Fourthly, all of these cars are V12 Ferrari's. This pack can't be bothered with anything less. Two have them up front, three of them have them out back.

Lastly, two of these Ferrari's seat four. The 612's lineage can be traced back to the 456 Grand Tourer of the late nineties. The FF is Ferrari's newest car for the family man. With it's shooting brake body and it's four driven wheels, this is one of the most unique creations to come out of Maranello in years.

There you have it. Get this five pack now before collections like this disappear for the foreseeable future.