Here are all the ones I have. And they match up quite well, color-wise!

I can’t quite make up my mind if I prefer the Hot Wheels 914-6 or the Matchbox 914. The Matchbox has the roof and better tampo treatment, but the Hot Wheels has that adorable single driver-side door mirror.


The Matchbox car was designed by Ryu Asada and debuted in 2010, in five decos, three more in 2011, and one in 2013. Interestingly, all have had the same wheels...

I don’t know who designed the Hot Wheels version, but it could very well also be Ryu. This one debuted in 2012 in the Boulevard series, a version I’m still missing, sadly. It’s much more racing inspired, with flared fenders, an open roof, and a roll cage.

In the end, both are great castings in their own right and a delight to own.

Matchbox mainline from 2010
Car Culture Race Day series. Lovely wheels, and a great livery. I could’ve done without the Urban Outlaw trunk logo, though.
Porsche mainline series from 2015. Not a fan of the wheels, but the livery is cool!
Flying Customs series from 2013. The wheels are an awesome throwback, and the matte spectrafrost paint is exquisite.
Lesney Edition from 2011. A beautiful racing livery version with tampos all around! The roof/window piece is black though, so you can’t see through the windshield.
Aaargh! Not in focus! 2013 60th Anniversary edition. Nice 60th anniversary tampo on the trunk lid, but no rear light tampos? WTH?

Any more 914s out there? Maybe a 1:43, Jobjoris...?