The conclusion to the five-car Modern Classics set, this lovely ‘92 BMW M3 in an awesome shade of blue and decked out in ///M colours. It couldn’t be any better...

Initially I had a hard time liking this M3 due to the fact it didn’t have front or back tampos. And being in the packaging, the blue paintjob didn’t stand out enough to me. I was quite close to selling this Beemer off, until I took it out into the sunlight to do this photoshoot. And now it has become my third favourite Modern Classics car of this set. Weird, I know.

As you can see from the pics, with good lighting, the car will really begin to look good (despite there being headlights or taillights tampos and grille detailing). The ‘M stripe’ running from the top down to the sides of the car is a nice touch to break the monotony of the blue paintjob.

Overall, I have enjoyed this Modern Classics set very much. The new tooling of the Merc Evo 2 and the return of the Renault 5 Turbo really helped make it a truly collectible set.


Now, I’m awaiting my delivery for the upcoming Car Culture set, ‘Cars and Donuts’! You can be sure I’ll be sharing the pics over here on LaLD!

Thank you for viewing!