The Majorette 2017 Ford GT, it has some negatives and positives... but overall, I think it rocks! :D

On the negative side... its “taller” than the one from HW, that one looks rather “flat”. The wheels seem less durable and “weak”, the one on the HW is bulletproof. And the body is lighter (maybe less metal was used?), and the hole under those buttresses are filled up.

On the positive side... there’s a hole underneath the rear wing, unlike in the HW, where its filled up too. It also sits lower, so there’s none of the ride height issues that’s on the HW, and it has “glass” (clear plastic) on the headlights and not tampos.

There’s also a noticeable stripe on the hood... something not found on the HW. It also has the ‘detailed’ tire, a more detailed interior, rear view mirrors, and a larger rear diffuser.The tampos are complete... and the exhaust pipes are painted black. But the one thing that sold me, is that there’s no ‘big rear wheel’ syndrome, making it more realistic looking than the HW version. :D

thanks for viewing,