A review of the Bburago 1/24 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

After seeing a few of you guys post your Bburago Ferrari finds at Walgreens, I got really tempted to check out mine. 1/24 scale is something I don’t collect heavily, though I will occasionally get one if I really like it. And with all the 1/64’s I’ve been finding lately, I really shouldn’t be getting into other scales. But this one was just too good. In fact, I’d say that the whole Bburago Ferrari 1/24 series is worth getting if Ferrari’s are your thing. I’m gonna have to go back for seconds. Or thirds. Or....

This is what I stumbled into at my Walgreens:

There’s more behind those boxes as well as a few more in another isle. Most of these models came in twos. Two red F50’s. Two white California T’s. Two F430’s with the funky livery. Two red F12’s. And a single red LaFerrari and yellow Enzo.


To me, the F12 just looked right. Everything from the proportions to the casting details to the wheel sizes are correct. I’m not a fan of the most modern Ferrari’s but when a diecast company executes one perfectly, it’s hard to resist getting. The others are just decent in my opinion, but with a few flaws. The Enzo doors don’t look right, the LaFerrari’s rear wheels are too small, and I don’t like the livery on the F430. So I gave the F12 Berlinetta a new home and I wouldn’t count out the possibility of me going back and grabbing the LaFerrari as well.

Let’s begin the review!

First off, allow me to note that my pictures make the red paint look rather light. It’s a good, solid Rosso Corsa; my lighting just sucks. Paint quality is very good on this one and printing is spot on.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how nice the wheel fitment is. They fit the wheel wells nicely and are flush with the sides of the car, with a proper ride height. These things can really make or break a diecast piece, and here they make the F12 stand out amongst the other Bburagos. There’s no suspension here, but perhaps that’s a good thing because we all know how Bburago/Maisto suspensions are...

The grille and all the black parts are painted on nicely. The grille has good depth to it as to not look too cheap.

I find the rear to be the best aspect of the F12. Here, we get painted taillights and what appears to be separate exhaust pieces. The exhaust is especially well done because Bburago painted the centers black to give it that depth. Plus, those exhaust pipes have the little grooves in them, another nice touch.

The wheels here look great. No brake discs, but I’m okay with that at this scale and price.

On to the interior. I think it’s fabulous, but my standards are different from yours as I don’t own any high end 1/18’s or anything of the like. But it’s really amazing what Bburago has been able to do at this price point. There is printing on pretty much all of the knobs and buttons, including on the steering wheel. And I love the two-tone interior choice.

The engine bay is fairly decent. Some faux-carbon fiber textures and what have you.

A little bit of detail on the headlights and the inclusion of what looks to be an LED strip. Sorry, I don’t really know as I’m not too familiar with the real car.

Another shot at the interior. Note the F12 Berlinetta logo on the dash. Truly fantastic.

And I’ll leave you guys with a few more shots of this beauty.

The verdict? Love, love, love it. Super impressed. I highly recommend this one to you 1/24 or Ferrari fans out there. It costs $14.99 and is well worth the price, this one especially. I definitely have to go get a few more of these Bburago 1/24’s and when I do, I’ll have more reviews for you guys. Again, apologies for the less than sharp photos, but I was just too eager to shoot this one immediately!

Thanks for looking!