SO I went to Wal-Mart and saw they had new Mystery packs. The golden one being the Arkham Batmobile no less. Sweet, love that game. Get myself ready for a good 10 minutes of digging around looking for the Batmobile, and it’s like the 3rd pack I pick up. And they even fixed the headlight tampos, too.

Next was target and the surprises keep coming. Viper RT/10s, Ice Chargers, A Skyline 2000 GT-X, and the long-awaited Huayra Roadster. Got that Gran Turismo Huayra back there just for this day. I just wish the blue was a bit brighter.

And then this. Knowing about this for about a year now it’s surprising it’s even in the mainline since I didn’t see it in the 2017 list. There was alot of them too, so yeah. Nice to finally have it.