I’ve been eyeing the GMG Tin for a while, but $24.99 is beyond what I’d like to pay. So imagine my surprise when I see it half off, :).

So naturally I had to change the diorama to reflect these new additions.

The convertible mustang is a new addition, and it’s identical in shape and length to the AW fastback of the same year, :).

Post ‘68 mustangs.

Three ‘70 Dodge Challengers.

The green ‘71 Challenger is a new addition as well. Lovely shade of green, and it looks at home with the dark purple ‘71 Challenger as well, :).

I had to put the GMG Camaro with the others, :).

The grey Corvette stingray is lowered, and isn’t stock height. That’s ok though, it feels like the owner customized it. Still is a nice casting.