When it comes to M2s, I don’t buy them frequently not because of their price but rather they’re mostly muscle car/classic American models which is out of the realm of my collecting focus, but that is going to change soon.

And nor do I ever find interest in the model kit series that they offer, until recently.

I found this M2 model kit with instead of some muscle car or American pickup truck, it featured a VW Microbus which I have a more interest in than another ‘49 Merc lead sled and also its the US-spec with the centered mounted roof light that is reminiscent to the headlight on old locomotives that I don’t have since mine is the mundane euro-spec. This was purchased about a week ago and I didn’t get a chance to review it until now but it’s better late than never.


The kit comes with everything you need and then some, it comes with extra axles and wheels and even decals if you feel peckish on putting racing numbers on your hippie van.

Instruction manual is included but unnecessary since its very straight forward to assemble, the dashboard clips into the metal body and the engine and exhaust have pegs for you to install into the base. The wheels and axles are self explanatory and the interior gets placed on the base, put the body on top and all held together with one screw at the front.

The finish result

Next to my euro-spec Microbus

One of my favorite things M2 include in these model kits is the car lift that gives you more option for displaying your car.

This model kit gets a thumbs up from me, it’s fun to build without sacrificing the attention to details that you typically expect from M2. I’ll definitely buy it again if they come with a broader car model choice.