I love M2's haulers but the big size limits my collection unless it’s something that really caught my eye. Well this one did as I like the look of the L600 which is almost similar to the A100. It first started with Lindberg’s Dodge L 700 with flatbed trailer model kit.

Image borrowed from internet

I’ve been eyeing this one for some time as you can potentially do a lot of things with this trailer. However I keep delaying the purchase due to the size (1/25) and the time it will take to finish this plus how to eventually store it without damaging the model due to a lot of fragile parts. So when M2 decided to issue the ‘69 L600 with the flatbed trailer in 1/64 scale, this was something I could live with. Let’s look at this truck.

Compare to the picture of the kit it’s lacking some details like the side mirror and some accessories on top of the flat bed. This is a plus in a way as I won’t have to handle this with extra kids glove. How well did M2 did on this model?

The fifth wheel has a slight tilt to the left. I tried to correct this by unscrewing it and screwing it back but it will not correct itself. The front looks good although I have to glue one of the turn signal which fell off. As for the look I am pretty satisfied with it.

I love how they included the tow hook at the front. Adds realism.

The wheels on the trailer are not perfectly straight. Wish M2 could find a way to correct this problem once and for all.

It also came with the ‘71 Plymouth Cuda. Would have loved to have a 60's car instead specially if it has a project or weathered look to it but this car is nice in itself. There are no opening features either on the truck or on this car.

Next we have the Walmart exclusive ‘66 Dodge L600 truck. This was the only one left and like any M2 I would purchase more than one as I have that nagging feeling that there may be some quality control issues and would like to compare both models to see which one looks better.

As far as the exterior look, I am happy to say that there are no paint nor body issues.

As you can see the tires are not perfectly straight but not too distracting so I let it go.

One thing about flat bed trailers is you could put or add any vehicle to it so a couple of pictures with the M2 ‘66 L600 truck and a JL A100 Chuckwagon.