Majorette has found itself on American shores. Hallelujah. It’s nice to have a 1/64 scale alternative to Hot Wheels and Matchbox on the market that isn’t crappy Maisto casts. But naturally, I had to grab myself a few to see what all the buzz is about and form my own opinion. Are they something I can see myself collecting in the future?

Basically there are three model lines being released under Majorette: the basic, Racers, and Premium lines. The basic line, represented by the Porsche 718 Boxster here, is focused on more every-day casts, stuff you’d normally see on the roads. The Racers line, represented by the 911 GT3 RS, is focused on racecars and track ready machines. The Premium line is focused on more high-end cars, like the Nissan GT-R as shown here. I decided to get one of each to see if there were any real differences...there are really none, besides what each line offers.

Highlights of Majorette include the immense attention to detail and the “play feature” if you want to call it that. Hot Wheels often skimps out on detail outside of very special lines like Retro Entertainment and Boulevard, with very crude tampos on some models, with some not even accurately applied. Majorette however seems to hit detailing out of the park. On these three models, all tampos and details were put on straight with no mistakes, adding to a sense of realism to the models. Also, each Majorette model has at least one feature that moves on the cars, with most featuring an opening door or a hood (the Boxster had a slightly retractable hood, which I thought was a tad gimmicky and not well executed).

The only major downfall I can see is the quality of materials. While the bodies themselves are a decent quality of plastic, the bases and wheels are not well done in an almost Maisto-like cheap plastic material. The wheels are also not well-done, which I’m not too much of a fan of. If you would prefer something of a higher quality, I’d just stick to Mattel casts.

All in all, I’d say they’re pretty fair, you get a lot of odd casts from them that you normally wouldn’t get from Hot Wheels, so they’re nice to fill up a collection with. I don’t think I’d collect them by themselves like I do HW or Matchbox, but they’re a good alternative for sure.


They should be in stores soon if not now. Toys R Us said they weren’t supposed to be sold until the 19th, but they were already on the pegs, so they let me buy them anyway. Keep a look out, and see for yourselves.