I’ve had the itch to pick these up for a while now. I always see them on the pegs when I visit Walmart but I always reminded myself that my money would be spent on something better, like an Auto World or M2. I haven’t been able to find the M2 Pink set yet, and Walmart has seemingly stopped stocking any AW at all. I had to satisfy my diecast hunger during this drought, so I finally pulled the trigger and took these home.

I call these two oddballs because they’re brands that I don’t normally buy, at a scale that I don’t normally collect. The black Shelby is a Jada and the red Corvette is a Maisto. Although both are labeled as 1/64 scale, they clearly are not. They’re closer to 1/55, which is around the range of a Siku. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong at all with this scale. I might have to start a 1/55 collection now. There’s quite a few enticing Jada’s I’ve seen lately and I just might start picking them up every now and then. For today, here are a few shots of these two. That black Shelby is a beauty, in my opinion.

How can you not love the color combination on this one? Black and gold are a perfect match, and this Shelby GT500KR is pure eye-candy. It’s got the typical Jada touches, including those huge rear wheels, but I think it’s totally worth it. At about $4 each, you may be tempted to splurge that on something more “premium”, but it was really hard to pass this one up. I have a few other Jadas in my collection, including a couple police livery 350Z’s, and I think it’s time to start buying these again.

The second is the Maisto All-Stars C7 Corvette. I was quite disappointed in this. Something about the rear half of the car doesn’t look right, and it doesn’t retain that ferocious look of the C7. The wheels are far too blingy and being chrome doesn’t help its case. The car also sits too high, thus taking away the aggressiveness of the casting. The details are decent, but I’d say the Jada is higher quality. That being said, I have my eye on the pegwarming Viper next time, as it looks to be a much better model.

That’s all folks! Thanks for looking!