The 2015 Jeep Wrangler, from Tomica, is another excellent cast, imo. When I first saw it without the box I thought it was a new ‘Premium’ or ‘Dream Tomica’ car... I was pleasantly surprised to find out that its from the regular line. The ‘cheapskate’ inside of me was happy! :)

Comparing this one with the Wrangler casts of both MBX and HW... it seems that Tomica had really stepped up the detailing. The tampos are complete, there’s an etch of a rear view mirror, the roof has ridges, the door hinges are very detailed (for its size), and the ground clearance is okay - its not too low and not too high. And unlike most HW/MBX’s... the wheels are not too big. About the only complaint I would have is the lack of side mirrors. But Im just nitpicking. :)

While taking shots... I accidentally pressed a little hard on the side of the yellow jeep. Then I found that the top can be taken off! Nice! :D

thanks for viewing