I call this rare.. coz it took me a long while to hunt this down. :D I wanted one since the first time I saw one at a friend’s house early last year, but only recently was I able to get it. The Ford Falcon had always been a significant car for me, not only does it look good, I think it was just about the right “size” for a muscle car, imo. Not too big (like a GTO or a Mach 1 Mustang)... and not too small (like a chevette or vega) it looked “just right”. Plus that engine bulge at the front adds a lot to that  “muscular look.” of the car. :D

Coincidentally, its also Fast n Loud’s Aaron Kaufman’s favorite car as well (pic ). Though that’s a different model year I think. :D

The cast is from the Garage series of HW (pic). :)

thanks for viewing,