Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good Yard Sale day that yielded one stop that had an irresistible array of cars. But, some of these have some interesting mysteries to them. Would love some feedback from the LaLD crew here.

It looks like I am just going to pick up every Mbx Group C racer I find... I just cant resist them. This Sauber is in terrific shape. Just needs a gentle cleaning.

I snagged these two tow trucks to pillage the wheels for customs. But, they are in really great shape. I think I am going to save them for a diorama instead. I cant remember the last time I saw one of the big rigs with the smokestacks still intact. There’s even a little driver inside the cab. That’s pretty awesome.

This Dept of Transportation truck might lose its wheels for customs. I am undecided. It’s pretty charming even though it’s missing the plow.

Here’s the first mystery. This lesney Jeep is near mint. Very minor playwear and the base is solidly riveted on. But it’s missing the front axle/wheels. If you know how well built these are... you would understand how baffling this is. I can’t even fathom how the heck this Jeep lost the axle without heavy play or abuse. I’m thinking it might be an early error that didn’t have one side of the axle pressed and it just fell out and got lost. It likely lost all it’s play value after that and just got neglected for eons.

I love this Ferrari. Always wanted one. This will get a full resto-mod for sure. The tampos and beat up wheels gotta go.

Spiffy old HW beetle.

Here’s the next mystery. This car has “Kidco 1979" on the bottom. I think this is an old Audi Hatchback? It’s got round headlights x4 and I think I saw a 1:1 Audi like this for sale years ago. Anyone recognize this car? I did an ebay search and came up with no matches for this exact one.

This security guard VW golf amuses me. I bought it because it made me laugh.

Next we have another Tomica... wait... errrrr... it’s an Aviva? I could have sworn that I had a Tomica Toyota Hiace just like this when I was a kid. But it didnt have the hay-bale in the back. After some eBay research it looks like Aviva mainly made diecast cars involving “the Peanuts” characters. (the hay bale should have a little snoopy on top). It appears to have Tomica wheels. So, I am wondering if Aviva was a diecast division of Tomica?

Next up we have a Hotwheels Redline Sizzlers Angeleno M-70. Sadly, the wing is broken off and the roof looks like it took some weight at some point. But, the guy only wanted $1 for it. So, I snatched it up thinking I could flip it on eBay. Turns out it’s not really all that rare. You can get examples with the wing for +/- $10 in ok shape. So, this is trade bait for anyone interested.

This is my only eBay purchase for the past week! A maisto Renault clio V6 which is my favorite car ever made. It’s mint and looks pretty amazing for a cheap Maisto. The base is horrifically incorrect... But I’ll show you when I do an upcoming review of this cast.

Later in the day we encountered this beast! It’s an old deck and a half and a half custom bus of some sort. It just recently got pulled out of an old barn/storage near where I live. I think they are going to put it up for sale since the property is getting renovated. The plates on the bus indicate it was roadworthy and registered within the past 10 years. The writing on the backs is for twelve tribes which is a community that quietly lives on some farmland down the street from my house. I had no idea they had an awesome bus at some point.