I missed out on K-Day. I was kinda excited about going. But, also not feeling particularly well. So, I decided to sleep in. I couldn’t shed too many diecast tears for long, a pair of eBay packages arrived with this amazing trio of awesomeness.

The Sunny Excellent 1400 GX has been on my want list for a while. This immaculate example popped up and I couldn’t hit buy it now fast enough. The same seller also had the purple Bluebird (or should it be a Purple finch?) for an excellent price. I added that to the cart and combined shipping. Both of them are terrific additions to my Tomica collection.

That aside... Let’s talk about that ugly duckling there. The Diecast Opel Admiral is not Yatmings finest moment, especially in that era. The proportions are way off. Mainly the tires are just too darn big. Judging by the base, it looks to me like someone really FUBAR’ed the size of the car itself, and production had to make consolations on the base just to get the wheels to (barely) fit under the car. It’s laughable. It’s hideous. It’s an aberration to diecast car collections world wide.

I had to have one.

Despite it’s ghastly craftmanship, I still love quirky little obscure diecast cars <3

Thanks for reading!