Did a yard sale run yesterday. Didn’t find much worth picking up except this curious little diecast by a brand I had not heard of: Imperial.

I actually found two of these in a .50c bin. The first one was pretty well wrecked. This one is in remarkably nice shape. The graphics are atrociously bad... I mean c’mon... Spaghetti flames? really? *sigh*.

But, everything else about this car is really nice! The wheels are fantastic, diecast details are sharp. The fit and overall finish is pretty solid. Also, the bottom half black plastic base has cast-in foglight/racing light details below the chrome grille. That’s a really nice touch in my opinion. Also, the detail on the interior is crazy good. Despite the... Spaghetti flames *sigh* I’m really in love with this casting.


A brief bit of research online notes that Imperial Diecast cars were sold at Ames dept stores (I used to work at the shoe dept. there as a teen. hehe) and there really wasn’t many cars made by this brand. It doesn’t look like they really got any specific licensing on any cars either, which probably explains why they choose to do a cast of an expired American car company that couldn’t really sue them.