I bought some camouflage cars and two M2 VW buses.

Let’s compare the M2 to a Greenlight VW I bought earlier this week.

The back opens up to reveal an engine!

I decided to cut the top off the plastic in order to DLM the Greenlight. I think this is a good and clean way to DLM a Greenlight package.

Pretty much the same size. The two M2 look like they are taller than the Greenlight but, that’s because they are sitting on the displays.

Too bad the back doesn’t open up on the Greenlight. Looks like the back window on the Greenlight is slightly misaligned. Darn you Greenlight quality control!

Time to go back into its package. Looks almost like it was never DLM’ed

P.S. I should have used an x-acto knife instead of scissors for a cleaner cut.