A few years ago at a local die cast show I had picked an assortment of lose cars to use for parts. Well me being lazy and not wanting a heap of parts laying around till needed I held off on drill them and boy am I glad I did cause one would have been a huge mistake

The 2010 vintage racing ‘69 Ford Torino Talladega #11 AJ Foyt car

This has been one of the few cars in that line that has really jumped up in price over the years from 70-80 bucks in package to 40-50 bucks lose* in this condition. So I would have been crying had I ruined a valuable car. Not saying I’m letting it go any time soon it’s definitely one that is worth holding on to for a rainy day or for a friend who really wants it.


(* going off a currently listed car that hasn’t sold yet since a lose one hasn’t sold recently to get a advantage price)