Before anyone freaks out, this is NOT my model. I was at a McLaren dealer for a viewing of the new McLaren 570S and they had 3 1:8 scale Amalgam McLarens set up.

A P1, MP4-22A Vodafone European Grand Prix F1, and a F1 GTR Harrods. All of which were limited editions.

Of the three, the F1 GTR costs the most. With prices set at $6051.15 USD for the P1, $4788.95 USD for the MP4-22A and a INSANE PRICE OF $7498.32 USD for the F1.


I have no idea why you'd pay THAT much for a model car. Yes it's incredibly detailed and limited, but I could easily buy a REAL used car for that price.

Unfortunately i didn't get pictures of the F1 or MP4-22A because they were at a different table, where all the "rich" clients were standing, so i didn't want to get in the way.

Here's the new 2015 McLaren 570S if anyone doesn't know what it looks like.