I think the proper term for this is a “crossover”... or maybe an “SUV”? But some reviewers call it a “mini van”, because for all intents and purposes, it kinda is. I guess Im with that last one... nothin sporty about this at all, imo. Whatever its called though, the Tesla Model X have had mixed reviews since it first came out. Some like it, some dont, and some... dont really know what to think of it (article link ). Unlike the real car however, which looks really nice in real life, this cast from HW... seems to be a bit off.

While some casts are plagued by the ‘big rear wheel’ problem... on this one, both front and rear seems a bit too big? The resulting proportions are totally off... it shouldn’t sit that high.

Also I wonder what they were thinking.... to put on a rear spoiler that big, I mean, it shouldn’t look like a hotrod right? Then there’s the missing tampos on the front .... made it look its ‘growling’, with two large canine teeth at the sides. Then there’s that design of the wheels. Which is actually okay... if only they weren’t that big. I think I’ll customize it one day and make it all black. Might be an improvement.


Overall, its a nice attempt by HW, but I think they missed the mark when it came to the proportions of the car.

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