Today I didn’t go Yard Sale hunting. :/ Today I organized a yard sale for the cat shelter :3

It was a smashing success! Somehow we turned Countless Danielle Steele novels, George Foreman Grilles, and misc. crap into $300+ (Honestly, I was pretty surprised). So, happy kitties all around. The money will go a long way to help with various shelter expenses.

Since I knew I would be tied up today... My diecast hunting focused more toward eBay for the week. My never-ending hunt for obscure car brands continues.

I present to you... Tomica’s Mitsuoka Viewt. <3

Before you pound on your keyboard and type, “AP! You moran!!1!! That’s clearly a Jaguar.”

But, ohhh no no no no... It may look like a Jaguar... but this smashing piece of automotive beauty has all the exquisite looks of a Jaguar at a fraction of the price.

I’d DD one.


You all have a great weekend :)