It’s gorgeous outside right now in Southern Vermont. We hopped in the billion mile Xb and did a quick grocery store run. Thankfully, the trip took us close to some of my favorite antique mall haunts.

This Tomica Datsun is PERFECTLY destroyed. This barn find Datsun is going to get a little more dirt detailing and then a great BADT photo shoot. <3
Mega Score! The Majorette Saab Turbo has been super high on my want list for a long time. I am psyched to finally have one in my collection.
No Isuzu left behind.
Awesome Pop-Up camper by Matchbox.
This Caterham 7 is perfect beyond words. The proportions are spot on. Cant wait to do a photoshoot of this one.
For $1... this NASCAR truck has nice real-rider shoes on it. Bought this for custom fodder.
This is a first for me. My first diecast representation of a... Kit car? haha. The detail is pretty sweet! The package is filthy. Definitely going to DLM this awesome car.
This is a curious find... I am not sure who makes this one. I haven’t opened the package yet. But, who can resist the Pikes Peak Audi?

Had a great time out today. Sorry I haven’t been posting much here at LaLD. I have a new 1:1 project that I will post about pretty soon if it will past state inspection and get a sticker... We’ll see!

Thanks for looking!