Dropped by the antique mall today found a bit of a nice hawl. Nothing over $2.00.

First up are some Shelbys, a Mustang Funny Car and the Focus RS. Way happy to add that to my collection!

Next up are more Mustang Funny Cars/dragster.

But the premium kind! Gonna have to open those soon.

Now a couple of Ford friendly Auto Worlds.

Gotta love Auto World and $2.00 apiece is a nice price for the best premium 1/64s available in North America.


Do you know what a eugoogley is? Well, Derek Zoolander does. And unfortunately, he had to give one after his friends blew up in this.

If I remember right, the GreenLight version was better, but I’m glad to have at least one of them. And again, $2.00 is a good deal.

Wrapping up the mall hawl are a couple of loose cars.

MBX Camaro and HW GT-R. Not a bad find on either count.

And finally the rest.

Wally World score with a Zamac tooned Daytona and two re-colors.

A couple of nice GreenLights found at Gordmans. I like the Civic a lot but I love the F-100. The colors are classy.

Thanks for looking and happy hunting!