After years of sitting backseat and watching cell phone technology advance, Alien Probe finally upgraded his trusty simple dumb-phone and picked up a Smartphone. You know what that means? Antique Mall tour Potato Pics!

My wife and I were itching to get out of the house yesterday and we also needed to do a grocery run. We trekked out to Southernwestern NH which is about 40 mins from home. There’s a pretty good spot where several antique malls are all on the same strip within about 3 miles of each other. I rarely go home empty handed from these visits. For those of you who are curious what antique malls and indoor flea markets look like around here... here’s the full tour. (We skipped the junk shops because it was frikkin cold out Saturday and they rarely run the heat at junk shops in the winter).

Pretty cool set. I’m not into Lego though. Got enough hobbies.
Tools and Tonka.
Overpriced kennel car.
First time I have seen one of these! Pretty cool.
Lots of 1:18 cars
OMG OMG OMG! Astro van!
Bin full of cars 1 buck each.
Passed on these two wrecks. The old Siku Merc was in awful shape. The impy was decent but missing the passenger door. Still pretty rough.
I raided this bin last year. Not much has been added since. No bueno.
Cool volvo accordion bus. If it wasn’t missing the doors, I would have scooped it up.
cars everywhere!

I didn’t really score much this time around. I rifled through the 1 dollar per car bin and saw the bottom of this little Tomica. My eyes lit up and I was absolutely giddy! I love the Datsun Cherry!

All angles looked pretty sweet. I was seriously stoked to find this car and then I inspected the last side...

Thankfully, I found this awesome Yatming RX7 in the same bin. It’s got the more attractive Yatming wheels on it and a black base. Very cool car for a buck.

This Torpedo Dodge Charger caught my eye last time. I regretted not picking it up. Thankfully it was still kicking around this time. So, I snagged it for a couple bucks.

The GM Lean Machine made an appearance in the Epic movie Demolition Man. I’m not fond of the flames on this one or the final run decal on the top. I am going to try to detampo it and get a nice slick Blue Lean Machine.

Four Diecasts is a bit of a Small HAWL for me. But, I didn’t see much else that really tickled me. On the plus side, I scored some great vintage games to play on my Retrobit Trio. NHLPA Hockey 93 is THE BEST Hockey video game ever made. Seriously, it’s awesome. 93 was the year before EA took the fighting aspect out of their Hockey Games which was seriously Bogus.

Game on!

Thanks for looking! Hope you all have an awesome weekend.