So I found the new hitch and tow pop up tent trailer and attached it to a Dodge Monaco, and today found the sashta with the cadillac. I like the cars with the camper trailers. I have a boat trailer but traded off the Explorer it came with. I also have an airstream that needs a pull. I know there is a Ford Custom and a Chevy Impala for tow cars. I have some M2s that I’d be willing to trade for said cars, as well as the F150 that normally comes with the pop up tent trailer. Let me know! I’m also after some of the Hot Pursuit casts as well (specifically a Fox Body and a Park Ranger truck but I don’t have anything from that series so show me what you have if you don’t have either tow car but are seeking M2s)

Also as for the diecast giveaway, 4 packages have been shipped last week and I am going to try to get a few more out this Saturday.