I have been EXTREMELY busy at work the last 2 and a half weeks.

I was covering our Aston/Lotus parts department while people were out for training. Mixing those brands with Volvo during 3 weeks of flooding and lots of body shop flood claims has been beyond insane. I feel bad for not making time for all my LaLDers and OPPOs. Not even replying to comments or posts. But things have finally calmed down. Here is a quick photo dump of things around work.

What’s in the box???????


What oil do we use for Aston Martin service?

Total Quartz Racing 10W50

We also stock all sorts of European chemicals

Here are some random parts for current but mostly older vehicles.

We used to be a SAAB dealership as well. We have lots of parts here and all SAAB special tools.

Don’t think I forgot about you LALD :]

Thanks for watching. I apologize for my absence. I will get to my daily randomy posts asap :] Love you all and stuuufff!