I started this build a long time ago (April of 2016, to be exact), as a second attempt to make a bumperless DB5. The last one turned out nice, but the gap between the base and the body bothered me. Here is the reworked version.

This time I cut off the front and rear pieces of the base and attached them to the body directly, allowing me to fill in that gap and make it (nearly) invisible.

The bond was apparently not strong enough and I got a tad too rough test fitting the grill when the lower front fell off. I was too far into it at that point and just glued it back on. Dark paint hides it well though!

As hinted above, because of how the grille is attached to the interior piece, I had to cut that off as well and fit it into the cavity. So all in all, pain in the butt. Worth it? I think so!

The paint scheme is inspiration from a green DB5 with red lips/wheels, but I (obviously) made her blue instead. Still just as striking, I think!

I still need to add an Aston badge on the front and a nice dual exhaust on the rear, but that shold be all!

Enjoy your Mondays!