Hello LALDers and welcome to another installment of the weekly photography review! It has been a very busy week for me so I haven't been able to participate as much as I wanted to. The review is helping me catch up on all the great posts from the week so I hope that it does the same for you! Now, onto all that is photography.

This was an easy choice this week as A - we all love F40s, B - it is a black F40, and C - HOLY CRAP is it mean looking!! The picture comes from a recent Ferrari HAWL from TE71Xin, hos full post HERE!

Continuing with a couple posts from TE71Xin he brought us a cool feature on a Crown Vic cop car as well as the ever popular Mopar Monday with a 69 Belvedere GTX. Be sure to click the links below!

Crown Vic, Mopar Monday

Zeontestpilot did a review of a killer Kingswood wagon and had some killer pictures to go with it! Be sure to check it out HERE!

Huzer took some snaps of his newly acquired Focus ST...with his FOCUS ST! Jealousy level is high on this one. His full post HERE!

Last but not least the great Torchbug is back and this time from 505Turbeaux and his adventures in Maine. Some great shots inside! Full post HERE!

To close up, here are the winners for the week on our Facebook page. As always, stellar shots and great themes!

August 27th - Winner = Jonathan - theme = BMW

August 28th - winner = Justin - theme = Happy Cars!

August 29th - winner = Xin - theme = blue

August 31st - winner = Muhammad - theme = fenderless

September 1st - winner = Justin - theme = Toyota

Well, thats it! I hope you enjoyed. If I missed anything let me know. As always, last week HERE!