Ok, here it finally is... this was my first and only AutoArt! My father gave me this one for a Christmas gift several years ago. Its the best piece in my collection, honestly.

I just love these lines. A classic Corvette that looks so fast standing still.

Pop the hood and have your mind blown. There’s a ton of wiring and the headers have a real ceramic look.

The rear clamshell has the same level of detail. The spare tire is tied down, and the belts on the body are functional. They “snap” into holes in the body to secure the hatch.

The interior detail is amazing as well. The seats and headrest are soft to the touch and the four point harness is made of fabric. There is also quilted padding in the footwells. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that steering wheel was made out of real wood.

The paint job on this car is the best out of all my models. The blue looks incredibly authentic.

Apparently, the Corvette SS raced at the 12 hours of Sebring. Sebring was supposed to be a test run to determine if the car would race at LeMans. It did not go well... the car did not finish the race and ultimately did not make the trip to LeMans. Car & Driver has an excellent write up on the Vette if you are interested in reading more.