A lil side by side of the AutoWorld release 4 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A and the Johnny Lightning 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T since they are now are both owned by the same brand. Over all both cars are nice both have good and bad points on them.

Two vastly different castings with different constructions. AW is a tad longer and wider then the JL. The JL is taller but more boxy.

AW has a much more open engine compartment with more detail paint. The JL engine is just a solid orange but engine bay has a lil bit more molded details for hoses and wires.

The one thing that both share (at least with the examples I’ve used) are the wheels/tires are not all that good. AW still uses too small of s rim causing the side walls to be too large and skinny tires that look like spares/pizza cutters. JL uses too big of a rims leaving the side walls too thin for a muscle car and for at least the front too wide of wheel. AW has a very well detailed base with a lot of details JL sorta skipped on some details. Don’t get me wrong I like both cars and brands I’m just showing what I see is good and bad between them.


(I didn’t include a hot wheels or M2 is I don’t own one of the opening hood HW and M2 only has a ground ponder and not a stock version)