So it has been a few months since I've had a chance to post some pictures and in the last few months I've picked up probably about 30-40 cars. These are a few of them. Also you will see a Delta Wing created out of LEGO by myself as well as pictures of my lovely CR-Z...after my accident last month (Single car accident with only the car suffering injury)

Notes: (in order of appearance)

Micro Lamborghini : These I found last week at one of my local toy stores for a buck a piece

Chevy Stepside : left 75 right 57

Mystery Cars: Gold cartoony Corvette Pretty Awesome Modern Take on Shelby Cobra really freaking sweet and an MR2 which is absolute crap (If you have an AW11 MR2 I am desperately seeking one)


Dodge Charger & Pontiac Rageous : I with Dodge went with this design for the charger its beautiful even though it looks like a modified stratus

Mitsubishi Eclipse tooned and Smart Four-One

Not 1 but 2 Blue & Silver Matte Bugatti's !!! bought at a buck a piece !

Toy Fair 2015 Mustang : As some of you know I work for a small business toy store and because of that I get to go to Toy Fair NYC every year this year these mustang were exclusives of Maistio and they are top notch (and one might be for trade soon)


AE-86 (1:40 something scale) - These belonged to my coworker / friends father who recently passed and he gave them to me knowing I am a diecast guy ( he also owned a 1:1 Corolla GT-S coupe that I am looking into)

Baja : the only CARS car I own and it i s fantastic with a great range of suspension travel

The bus is Majorette

If you wanna know more about any of these just let me know or if you would like more photos I can take them.

It's good to be posting again.

I'll try to keep it more regular.

And keep an eye out for my upcoming trades post (I've got about 15-20 cars available )