Weak, I know, but in my defense, I’m just getting my strength back.

So, I drove myself around for once, got fairly fortunate at walmart, see other post, and got a few gems at the indoor/outdoor flea circus. Especially if you like some old Matchbox Indy stuff.

One commemorative, one Kraco, and one Havoline Indy Car. With Coins! Right now, the cars are protecting the packaging on all of these MBX.
Pennzoil Indy Car and Transporter
Valvoline Indy Car and Transporter
Majorette Whirlybird Transport. Q...Are the front wheels supposed to have less detail than the rest?

All can be HWEP’d away with the exceptions of the Pennzoil set and the commemorative single Indy Car. My user name at gee mail dot com.