Growing up, Back to the Future was one of the most influential franchises to me, alongside Star Wars and Herbie the Love Bug. For many of us, the DeLorean time machine is the true star of the movies. This 1:18 Sunstar is of the Part II version. The car got two important upgrades after it traveled to the future: the nuclear reactor was replaced by Mr. Fusion, and it received a hover conversion. The best thing about this Sunstar?

It can actually convert between regular and hover mode! This is accomplished with a little slider on the bottom of the car:

(excuse my big meat hooks; there was no other way to safely get a shot of the bottom). The slider actually works pretty smoothly, provided you orient the car properly. If you want to put the car in hover mode, you just pick it up and hold it upright while moving the slider. If it’s in hover mode and you want to go back to regular driving mode, you need to hold the car upside down or else the slider will jam. Since the whole wheel mode mechanism is plastic, it wouldn’t be wise to try to force it. Despite that, it’s actually pretty robust. I regularly change the mode, and it has rested for many years with the wheels both up and down. Still works fine (though it sure groans a lot), despite one drawback. Even as much plastic as this car has (it’s all plastic, except for the stainless steel body panels), it’s pretty heavy (note: I don’t know if it’s actually stainless steel, but it’s not magnetic). I mean, really heavy. The metal panels are quite thick.

Now, Sunstar made one mistake with this car. See the licence plate? It’s still the 1985 OUTATIME plate, even though we never see the flying, Mr. Fusion-equipped DeLorean wearing that plate. When Doc had those modifications done, he also got the orange and silver barcode plate. Doesn’t bother me too much, but it is a mistake.

This particular model has been in my collection for quite a long time; probably since the late nineties. It’s picked up a few chips over the years, and there’s deep dust in the crevices because I don’t have it in a case. It’s one of my very favourite cars in my collection, and sits on a very prominent shelf alongside my regular Sunstar DeLorean and a bunch of smaller DeLoreans and BttF cars.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this car as much as I do. I had Back to the Future playing in the background while writing this. Welcome to the future!