Well shed finds actually as I don’t have a barn, just dosen't have the same ring to it. Found these in a box of HO scale trains. I forgot I had these vehicles so it’s a nice surprise seeing them again. They would be over 30 years old by now and have held up well. Excuse the ‘patina’, especially on the flat bed with the 2CV on it!

So the bus is a Mercedes made by Pralené as is the open top Auto Union car. Not sure about the 2CV as I have tied it down on the flat bed in a very early custom from a much younger me. I can’t bring myself to cut it off yet.

The tyres are rubber which is impressive at this scale. (1:87)

The fine plastic on the roof rack is amazing and has lasted well in its journey through time.

Heaps of seats as you would expect on a bus...

This has always reminded me of the types of buses pictured in Tin tin comics.

It’s even got dual rear wheels!

The 2Cv is less detailed and cheaper looking then the other two but it’s not bad all the same.,

You may need to wash your eyes now depending on your feelings on patina/grime.

Thanks for looking.