So anyone that knows me here will probably know that I treat the packaging as intended. The reward for DLMing is occasionally finding the little surprises the designers put in to their projects. The Batcycle was one of these times. I’d completely forgot about Robins little death cart!

I don’t mind motorcycles and have owned one in the past as a kid. Sometimes I’ll collect them in diecast if I like the model. This one brings back memories of afternoon TV in the 80's so I didn’t hesitate, even with the $10 AUD price tag.

It’s a pretty good representation of the real bike right down to the hideously skinny rear tyre. I looked for some good footage of the cycle in action from the 60' TV show but best I found was the clip below. It features Adam West and some stories from the set. There’s a small reference to the bike toward the end of the clip and some footage of the thing looking sketchy on the road.

Also found this other clip below while in the ‘rabbit hole’ that is YouTube. I have no other words...

If you watched the above clip then you may need a moment to compose yourself.

There is a good amount of metal in this thing and it feels very solid. The frame and forks are diecast although the steering doesn’t function, I’m ok with that.

Over all I don’t regret shelling out the money on this one so its happy days...oh that’s a different show altogether and another after school classic.

This! This is what truly won me over even though I was already very happy while inspecting the bike. I think it took about a minute before I noticed the extra wheels in the sidecar. A little persuasion the cart was free and a memory was triggered!

The cart itself has a decent amount of metal as well and I was very pleased to see the tiny Real Riders! Yes rubber tyres!! I should have got some size comparison shots with a known cast because this is a fairly small wheel we are looking at.

Looks like a vintage kids pedal car from the rear but I assume those silver circular things are retro rockets or smoke screen/tack/oil slick dispensers? The handle bars on the cart are well done and the windscreen is so cool!


Ok I’m done, thanks for looking.