I wasn’t able to get very good lighting or get my camera settings right for some reason, but I did promise more at 11, so it’s 11:35, here ya go! :P

As I stated in an earlier post a few days back, this is my Father’s Day present that, my wife not knowing what I did/didn’t already have and my kids being too young to pick something out, I got to pick myself. I believe this is the first 1/18 in my collection. I say “believe” because I have a few random cars in my collection that I’ve been given that are in a closet and I don’t remember their scale. So this is the first I’ve actively added myself at least.


I’ve always been a fan of Porsches. As a matter of fact, one of the first toy cars I ever got was a Porsche 959. It was a big plastic thing that was all rainbow colors and had a friction motor in it. I loved that thing, and it made me love the Porsche styling. My username may say Skyline Fanboy, but I’m just as much a Porsche fanboy.

In my years of collecting diecasts, I’ve always had some Porsches in the mix. Lately I’ve been looking for a good (and affordable) cast of a 997 GT3 RS in “RS Green”. In my searches, I found many decent options, but nothing really stood out. That is, until I saw this 4.o that got included in my search results on Amazon.

This particular model is made by Bburago, the wonderful Italian company that makes some very well done casts at quite reasonable prices for the every day consumer. Normally I come across their 1/24 casts in the odd drug store here and there. And they always seem nice, but not that spectacular. My opinions of them changed dramatically upon seeing this however. I’m absolutely blown away by the level of detail in this $35 model. The accuracy is astounding! That steering wheel for example looks almost exactly like its full-scale counterpart. Having worked for Porsche for a little while, I actually started to remember how that steering wheel had felt in my hands in the various 997s I had the privilege of driving.

Pardon the dust on top of my dresser.
This thing’s so fast that it’s a blur to catch even sitting still!

I’d be absolutely astounded at the value of this model if it were just base 911 Carrera. But the fact that it’s a model of a high-performance sports car with a limited production of only 500 units just blows my mind. This has definitely become the pinnacle piece in my collection, and, much to my wife’s displeasure, I’ve got the 1/18 bug now. I have absolutely no room or budget for them right now, but there will definitely be more to come. And I apologize if I repeated myself a bit in this post. I’m just so excited! You can definitely expect more to come on this model in the near future!